In case you’ve ever wondered, it takes an awful lot of time to stay up to date with what is happening in the land of social media. In fact, I think it’s pretty much impossible to know everything that is happening because there are just too many channels, and too many geeky CEOs and founders like Zuckers who always think they have a better way to do something.

I keep getting asked by my thousands of readers “But Cara, how is one meant to keep up to date with such things? What if Zuckers is planning on changing my Facebook profile layout AGAIN and I’m not even PREPARED?!!!” I feel your pain, I really do. Mere mortals who have jobs where they get paid to do much more boring things probably find it hard to keep updated on what is happening. I’ve chanced upon a solution. Enter: me. I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED. Since I don’t have to do real ‘work’, I get to keep up to date with all this stuff. And so my weekly ‘stuff you need to know’ post is born.

Well I’ll try to make it weekly, but let’s just see what happens. In the meantime, let me know what you think!

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