Why you’re failing at Social Media Customer Service (infographic)

Customer service is fast becoming one of the greatest responsibilities and opportunities of using social media for business. Unfortunately for many companies, the two cannot be separated – if you want to play in social media, you have to be prepared to provide top-notch customer service. Find out why social media customer service is so important, including some pretty awesome stats on Twitter and Facebook engagement. Oh and a pretty infographic, if you like that sort of thing!

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103 Crazy Social Media Statistics to Kick off 2014

IT IS FINALLY BACK! My amazingly awesome social media statistics update! This one includes all the stats you need to know about social media for business (including B2B, SMB and enterprise), mobile, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and more. IT’S STATISTASTIC! You know you love it.

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Using Twitter to Build Your Team

Does your business have a Twitter account? You might be using Twitter to engage with your customers and your target audience but are you using it to talk to your potential employees? If you haven’t thought about using Twitter for recruitment purposes, you might be missing out on THE NEXT BIG THING. And you do NOT want to miss out on the next big thing. DO YOU. DO YOU? No, you don’t. So check out this article written by another guest contributor (because I’m lazy) about why this may be the answer to your hiring woes.

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Social Media and Television: 5 Examples of the New Era of Social TV

Welcome to a new era of “social television”, where the use of social media becomes intertwined with our television viewing experience. Do you grab your phone as soon as you see a hashtag appear up on screen asking you what you think about Betty’s betrayal of Bob? Have you tweeted during elections, or used social media to ‘vote’ for your favourite reality TV contestants? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. We’re entering a new era where social media is teaching the old medium of TV a few new tips to get its audience engaged. Here are five such examples for your viewing enjoyment.

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4 Twitter Tips You Should Think About Now

Twitter tips! Just because you can’t get enough of them. And also because we all need constant reminders of what we should be doing, because when it comes to Twitter, so often we’re just not doing the right things. So if you want to get the most from your Twitter account then heed these wise words. And forward it to seven friends, because if you don’t then you’ll have bad luck for 7.5 years. Not just seven years, but an extra SIX MONTHS too. You really don’t want that. DO YOU? No. No, you don’t.

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