7 Facebook apps for the holiday season

So you’ve got a bunch of Facebook fans and you’re not sure what to do with them this holiday season? WHY NOT IMPLEMENT SOME AMAZING FACEBOOK APPS? That’s a brilliant idea. Not only will you drive engagement and make your current fans happy, but you’ll also get a whole heap of new fans too! Not only that but because all of these apps already have templates created, it is super easy for you to do. Hooray!

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Social Media and Other Tips for New Small Businesses

Do you have a small business or start-up? Wondering how social media can help your business succeed? Read this amazing article for general tips for succeeding along with easy-to-understand and action social media advice. The article comes with a 100% money back guarantee that I’m sure my legal department would dispute if I had one. But I don’t, so the guarantee stands. Of course you’re not really paying anything for the article anyway but the point is you should read it and you WILL SUCCEED. I believe in you. (but only if you read this article).

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Social Media: A Complement (not a replacement) to Traditional Marketing Strategies

Nobody is disputing that social media is an important part of your marketing mix. NOBODY. Well, some people probably would – those annoying laggards in denial – but the real point is that I’m not and I know pretty much everything. HOWEVER do not fall into the trap of putting all your marketing eggs in your social media basket. The bunny gets really angry and easter is ruined for everyone. Is that what you want? An eggless Easter? I didn’t think so. What I’m trying to say here is that social media is meant to be a complement to your marketing strategy, not a replacement. But you probably figured that out by the title of this article, so I really just waste five minutes of all our lives typing that ramble out. READ THIS ARTICLE OR YOU WILL RUIN EASTER. The end.

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Using Twitter to Build Your Team

Does your business have a Twitter account? You might be using Twitter to engage with your customers and your target audience but are you using it to talk to your potential employees? If you haven’t thought about using Twitter for recruitment purposes, you might be missing out on THE NEXT BIG THING. And you do NOT want to miss out on the next big thing. DO YOU. DO YOU? No, you don’t. So check out this article written by another guest contributor (because I’m lazy) about why this may be the answer to your hiring woes.

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Getting creative with social campaigns: the story of MOG

Sometimes the best social media campaigns begin offline. Read the MOG story to see an example of a great social media campaign rooted (pun intended… you’ll have to read it to understand) in the tangible world. Want to stimulate conversation and gain awareness for your product or service? Follow MOG’s example and do something out of the box. PLUS if you’re in Australia there’s an opportunity to WIN BIG. The biggest prize of your life. And I’m pretty sure if I could afford lawyers they would be freaking out over that statement right now. Luckily I can’t, so I’m sticking by it. BIGGEST PRIZE OF YOUR LIFE.

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