103 Crazy Social Media Statistics to Kick off 2014

IT IS FINALLY BACK! My amazingly awesome social media statistics update! This one includes all the stats you need to know about social media for business (including B2B, SMB and enterprise), mobile, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and more. IT’S STATISTASTIC! You know you love it.

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99 New Social Media Stats for 2012

SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS! Yes, we all love them, and yes I am the sucker who spends hours collating all of these together each month to make your life easier. In this article I not only provide you with the latest social media, online, mobile, facebook, twitter, pinterest, social tv, social commerce, social media in business and YouTube statistics, but also a request for flowers and/or millions to be sent to me in appreciation. Obviously that last part is optional, but would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the latest statistics!

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100 more social media statistics for 2012

It’s hard keeping up to date with social media statistics because they are forever changing, and reading fifty trillion articles every few days is not exactly time efficient. Want to know what IS time efficient? Reading ONE article that has collated all the most important stats from the other fifty trillion. That’s where I come in, to save the social media day as per usual. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next installment of statistics!

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Australian brands on Facebook: statistics and best practice

We are forever hearing about what American businesses are doing on social media, including all the related statistics, infographics, case studies and best practice data. I got sick of knowing all about them and nothing about good old Aussie brands and what we were doing on Facebook, so I did a bit of research and put together my own analysis, including statistics, an infographic, best practice and even a whole white paper. In their faces.

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