100 more social media statistics for 2012

It’s hard keeping up to date with social media statistics because they are forever changing, and reading fifty trillion articles every few days is not exactly time efficient. Want to know what IS time efficient? Reading ONE article that has collated all the most important stats from the other fifty trillion. That’s where I come in, to save the social media day as per usual. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next installment of statistics!

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10 common social media mistakes

We’ve all heard a thousand times what we need to be doing on social media. Engagement, conversation, community, engagement, engagement etc etc. Simple. Well, except there are a bunch of things you really shouldn’t be doing, and nobody bothered to tell you about them. Until now, when I have come [once again] to save the day by filling you in on 10 common social media mistakes to save your social media strategy. Yay! Sit back, pour some hard liquor into your coffee cup and read on…

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10 reasons to increase your social media budget in 2012

Still umming and ahhing about how much budget to put towards social this year? If you’ve started to forget why you created your Facebook Page in the first place, or are deciding whether to bother with those tweets in 2012, here’s a nice reminder about just why social media is crucial to your business. Even better, it’s a nice, easy, (fairly succinct for my standards) 10 reasons to increase your social media spend in 2012.

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