99 New Social Media Stats for 2012


SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS! Yes, we all love them, and yes I am the sucker who spends hours collating all of these together each month to make your life easier. In this article I not only provide you with the latest social media, online, mobile, facebook, twitter, pinterest, social tv, social commerce, social media in business and YouTube statistics, but also a request for flowers and/or millions to be sent to me in appreciation. Obviously that last part is optional, but would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the latest statistics!

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100 Social Media, Mobile and Internet Statistics for 2012 (March)


No one can get enough of statistics. Nor social media. The two combined are just about enough to make you wet your pants… so get the nappies handy because here’s my next installment of my 100 social media statistics for 2012. It’s actually only 85 statistics, so you can spend the extra minute reading another of my stellar literarary masterpieces. Or maybe send me a congratulatory email/tweet? I’ll leave it up to you :) Enjoy!

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