3D Printing: Everything You Need to Know About The Next Biggest Thing

3D PRINTING YEAH BABY. Seriously I didn’t know how to start this excerpt with the right amount of enthusiasm for this topic. 3D printing is awesome and you need to CHECK IT OUT right now. Then you need to start thinking about all the amazing things you are going to print once you get your hands on one…. I am still tossing up between a spare ear (yes, ear) OR an amazing mansion for my cat. On the one hand I could hear really, really well (right?) and on the other my cat will hate me a little less for not letting him go outside. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, read the article.

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Pinterest changes – what do they mean for users and businesses?

Social networks wouldn’t be social networks if they didn’t make a bunch of changes every month or so to keep us on our toes. Sometimes the changes are unwanted and unwarranted, and other times they are exactly what we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of time. Pinterest has joined the constant changing social media bandwagon and implemented a range of updates over the past month or so – find out exactly what they are and how they impact you as a user and/or business. DO IT.

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9 New Facebook Features you might not know about

Over the past couple of weeks Zuckers and his team have been busy little bees implementing a whole stack of changes to our beloved Facebook experience. If you didn’t realise you could export your events to your online calendars, edit your Facebook comments, highlight your personal posts, promote your page posts or find nearby Facebook friends then you clearly need to read this article. And just in case you’re not convinced – there’s another four handy features I haven’t even MENTIONED in this excerpt that are covered within… the suspense is killing you. The only option left to you is to CLICK THROUGH!!

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New exciting Facebook Page changes – admin roles, post scheduling and promoted posts!

If you manage a Facebook page or are interested in any Facebook-related changes then you should really read this article. If you don’t, you will probably be laughed at by your colleagues, friends and any ghosts who are currently in haunt mode around your house… this is because these are the latest and greatest Facebook changes to arrive on your Page and they are actually pretty damn awesome (for once). Find out about admin roles, scheduled posts and promoted posts, and then call ghostbusters.

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