Windows Vs. iOS: The War On Mobile Devices

Have you seen or played with a Windows 8 Phone yet? There’s no question that in most markets Windows phones are the challenger and that Apple and Android are dominating the market (currently). But how do Windows 8 Phones stack up against the revolutionary iPhone? Find out how they compare across key features like camera, maps, photo, video and more. You might be surprised :)

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Your weekly social media update – MUST READ!

Zuckers has been quite the busy bee of late – find out all the stuff you need to know about facebook changes – when you can get your @facebook email address, why the new photo viewing sucks, why you may not be seeing posts from all your facebook friends, how to download facebook photos in bulk, how to make your profile picture a video… PLUS why you can ditch your wedding planner and use Google instead AND the introduction of new mini iPhones. BOOYAH.

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