Eating Well in the Age of Social Media

Everybody wants to eat well and know that their food comes from a trustworthy source. As we log on to Twitter, upload filtered photos on Instagram, and get our news from Facebook, it might seem more difficult than ever. In the information age, shouldn’t knowledge about food be easily accessible? You would think so, but […]

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How and Why to Run an Instagram Contest

If you’re looking to engage your customers in a relatively new and exciting platform, running a contest on Instagram may just be your holy grail. Find out how easy it is to run a competition or raffle via your Instagram channel, along with all the key considerations to make it a great success. Whether you’re just starting out on Instagram or you’re already a pro, THIS IS THE PERFECT ARTICLE FOR YOU. Seriously, read it. You’ll never look back…

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Instagram: A Marketing Platform Worth a Closer Look [guest post]

Instagram is one of the big up-and-comers in the social media space, but still one channel that most businesses haven’t tapped into yet. Given its huge popularity and potential, you may be asking how your business can incorporate Instagram as part of its social media mix. And in the FIRST EVER Social Skinny guest post, Melissa Russell outlines just how you can do so. HOORAY!

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