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What has Zuckers been up to the last week or so? He’s been messing with our shit again without adequate communication or warning. Here’s the skinny on what you need to know about facebook, divorces, controlling movies with your mind, SMS postage stamps, Foursquare 3 and Google’s alleged social network. It’s pretty much more important to read than the SMH homepage.

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Foursquare in Australia – is it dead?

In the lead up to the launch of Facebook Places there seemed to be a general hysteria around the death of Foursquare. It was pretty much like the movie Armageddon, where Earth was Foursquare and Facebook Places was the giant asteroid heading into our orbit… but minus the lame soundtrack, shitty scripting and vomit-worthy ending. [side note: best analogy ever.]

Has Facebook Places ousted Foursquare as the Mayor of Checking Inn?

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