11 simple things you can do to get more Twitter followers

Want to get more Twitter followers? Wondering why you’re following people and they aren’t following you back? Here’s 11 handy tips to optimise your Twitter account and tweeting style so you can get more followers.

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The great twitter followers and facebook friends backlash – why you shouldn’t try too hard to increase your friend and follower count

For a long time now social networking has been all about numbers. How many people are following you on twitter, how many facebook friends you have and how you can bump up these numbers. But does 1,000 facebook friends or 10,000 twitter followers really mean anything? Yes it does, but it’s not necessarily positive anymore. The tides, they are a changin….

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What you need to know about setting up and managing a facebook page

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you create some facebook pages now. Even if there are thousands of other pages about the same topic/subject/interest/group/business that you want to use, just do it anyway. You can never have too many facebook pages. Everybody likes to like pages.

Now read this stuff you need to know to create your facebook page and make it a big fat awesome success.

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