How to do social media right: 4 brands to learn from

Sometimes the best way to be good at something is simply to copy others who are awesome at it. Of course you should change it ever so slightly and pretend it was your idea in the first place, otherwise what is the point? Seriously though, when it comes to marketing and even more specifically social media, reading case studies and keeping an eye on what competitors and prominent brands are doing always helps stimulate your own creativity. So here are four quick case studies of brands doing some awesome things in social media. Don’t forget to change them ever so slightly…

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Scoot: a case study in how to do social media right.

Scoot provides a brilliant case study in how to use social media to build a community and keep them engaged – all before they have even sold a single airfare. All businesses could learn a thing or two about how to use social media, and Facebook in particular from these guys.

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The #Gasp stunt – successful social strategy or not?

Gasp, an Australian fashion retailer, has come under fire for an episode of extremely poor and overtly bitchy customer service. It has spawned an outcry in the social media world, but suspicion is rising that it must be a PR stunt. It was the first thought I had when I read the story, and it seems that others are thinking the same. Stunt or not, has it been successful for the brand? Is it another social media case study that will go down in history as a great success?

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