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marketingplanThis is just a really short and sweet update to remind everyone to do a sense-check of their marketing plan (including social media marketing plan!) now that half the year has gone by. We are too often overrun with a never-ending avalanche of things to do that our poor strategic plans work their hearts out in the background without getting the love and attention they deserve.


Some questions you need to ask yourselves:

1. What are my objectives? Are they still the same as they were at the beginning of the year (or when I put together my plan)?
2. Are my objectives being met? Am I addressing all of them, or are some being ignored?
3. Is my marketing plan on track? Have I implemented the core actions/plans/activities that I had planned to do by this stage in the year?
4. What has worked so far, and what hasn’t worked? Do I need to amend my marketing plan for the rest of the year based on these results?
5. Are the results to date measurable? Is there anything I can do to better measure results moving forward?
6. Is there anything inhibiting my marketing plan to date, and if so, can I do anything about this?
7. How is my budget looking? Am I spending at the right pace, or do I need to decrease/increase to last the rest of the year?


It is easy to leave things as they are and keep doing the status quo (something is working, because the business is still running… right?) but the truth is if you want your marketing plans to be successful you need to be constantly adapting them to suit changing circumstances (be it in the company, resources, industry or channel).
So add something to the top of your list today – check your marketing plan to make sure it’s working as hard and as effectively as it can for you. And if your business runs to the financial year calendar (in which case it’s now the ‘end of the year’ – even more reason to check in and see how the plan fared over the past year, and establish what improvements you can make to the following year.


And now to lighten things up with a video that Adobe shared with me that made me laugh out loud – tell me you can’t relate to this one!

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