Infographic: Why your Email Campaigns are Failing on Mobile


If you engage in email marketing then it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you read this article. Your entire being depends on it. Why? Because you could be wasting up to 40% of your time and effort sending out emails to people who can’t properly read them or access your site via their mobile device. So if you want to run successful email campaigns, then check out this article and infographic to find out how you can optimize both your marketing and your website for mobile to avoid any such wastage. Then sit back, relax and watch your email ROI, conversions and revenue climb.

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Volusion Review – a Strong Ecommerce Website Solution


With the billions we are all spending online over the last year I think it’s pretty clear that ecommerce is kinda a big deal right now. Buying shit online is just SO much easier than having to physically go to the shops. There’s no finding a park or having to deal with idiot families or groups who think it is OK to walk at 0.04kmh and take up the entire walkway. Newsflash: IT IS SO NOT. Anyway, unresolved shopping issues aside, the point is that ecommerce is huge and if you don’t already have an ecommerce site, you should. Everybody is doing it. And here’s my review of Volusion, which is an ecommerce website solution that will help you make lots of money from your online store. Yay!

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