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social media statisticsFollowing on from my last series of social media statistics articles: 100 social media, mobile and Internet statistics for 2012 from March, 100 social media statistics for 2012 that I posted in January and 100 more social media statistics for 2012 that I posted in February, here are the latest stats as at May 2012. (Update: there is now a newer, shinier social media stats article I have posted in September 2012.  This took me a decent chunk of my time to put together so it would be great if you sent me a bunch of flowers, a million dollars or just posted a nice thanks message in the comments section (ideally the million would be great). Also, in the interests of shameless self-promotion, please like my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter. And now, for the stats…

General Social Networking Stats

  • 62% of adults worldwide now use social media
  • Social networking is most popular online activity, with 22% of time online spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • 56% of social media users have admitted to using channels to spy on their partners
  • Brazil has the highest online friends – average of 481 per user
  • Japan has the lowest average online friends – avereage of just 29 friends per user

Mobile + apps Statistics

  • 42% of mobile users share multimedia via Facebook
  • Google+ is the second-most used social network for sharing multimedia content from a mobile device (10%)
  • Smartphone owners now spend as much time using social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook as they do playing games
  • In Q1 2012, users logged an average of 24 minutes per day using social apps (on phone), with 24 minutes being spent on gaming apps
  • There were around 100 billion smartphone application sessions during Q1 2012
  • Users log an average of 77 minutes per day using apps on their smartphone

Social commerce statisticssocial commerce

  • Social commerce sales should total $9.2 billion by the end of this year and are expected to climb to $14.25 billion in 2013 and $30 billion in 2015
  • Some 167 million people will shop online this year, which will increase to 192 million by 2016 (spending an average of $1,800 per person per year)
  • 20% would purchase within a social media site
  • 40% of Twitter users regularly search for products via Twitter
  • 12% of consumers have purchased a product online because of info they found on Twitter
  • 60% are willing to post about products/services in FB if they get a deal or discount

Social media in business stats  social media for business

  • 65% of the world’s top companies have an active Twitter profile
  • 90% of marketers use social media channels for business, with 93% of these rating social tools as “important”
  • 43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to social campaigns
  • 72% of marketers who have worked in social media for three or more years said that they saw a boost in turnover due to social channels (the longer you’re working in it the better you get)
  • 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns and 79% are generating more quality leads
  • The average time spent by marketers on social media is 1-5hrs per week for those just getting started and 6+ hours per week for those with 3+ years of experience
  • The most popular social networking tool for marketing is Facebook – being used by 92%, followed by Twitter (84%), LinkedIn (71%) and blogs (68%)
  • LinkedIn is 4X better for B2B lead generation than Facebook and Twitter
  • Only 10% of marketers are actively monitoring social media ROI
  • Only 22% of businesses have a dedicated social media manager
  • 23% of Fortune 500 companies have a public-facing corporate blog
  • 58% of Fortune 500 companies have an active corporate Facebook account, 62% have an active corporate Twitter account
  • 47% of customers are somewhat likely to purchase from a brand that they follow or like
  • 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook
  • 40% of consumers prefer social logins over creating a new/guest account
  • In terms of users engaging with social log-in, 60% use Facebook, 12% Yahoo, 11% Twitter, 10% Google and 7% LinkedIn

Small Business Social Networking Stats

  • 53% of small businesses are using social media
  • 88% believe exposure is the biggest benefit
  • 19% use Facebook, 15% LinkedIn and 4% Twitter
  • 12% think it’s a must, 24% do it when they have the time and 14% say they don’t know enough about it
  • Among online retailers, only 33% have metrics in place to track social media ROI

Pinterest statisticspinterest logo

  • Pinterest is now the third most popular social network, behind Twitter and Facebook (in the US)
  • 60% female
  • 29% 35-44, 27% 25-34, 24% 45-54, 8% 55-64, 6% 18-24, 3% 0-17, 3% 65+
  • 37% earn betwen $25k-$50k, 33% earn between $50k-$75k and 13% earn between $75k-$100k
  • Over 20% of Facebook users are on Pinterest daily
  • The Pinterest app has been downloaded nearly 250,000 times
  • Pins with price information are just as likely to be shared as those that don’t – but are liked more often (1.5 likes vs 1.1 likes on average)
  • For branded accounts, pins without prices are over twice as likely to be repinned than pins with prices
  • The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes
  • Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social media driven purchases by Q2 2012 (Facebook 60%)
  • Buyers referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy something and spend an average of 10% more than visitors from other social networks
  • The US is the biggest country on Pinterest (accounting for almost 50% of users), followed by India (4.4%) and Canada (3.6%)

Twitter statisticsTwitter bird

  • The average Twitter user has 126 followers
  • The average Twitter users tweets a link at 9am, achieves a 1.17% click through rate (1.4 followers click the link)
  • Over 40% of Twitter users do not tweet anything
  • About 0.05% of the total twitter population attract almost 50% of attention on the channel
  • 71% of the millions of tweets each day attract no reaction
  • 25% of Twitter users have no followers
  • 45% of the mass communications posted on Twitter are nonsense
  • 8% of Americans use Twitter
  • Twitter now has more than 140 million active users, sending 340 million tweets every day
  • Twitter users send over a billion tweets every 72 hours
  • Twitter should see 250 million active users by the end of 2012

Facebook statisticsFacebook like

  • 137.6 million unique visitors per month (In the USA alone)
  • 7:45:49 = time spent per person per month on Facebook
  • 54% of monthly users access it via a mobile device
  • Facebook has 901 million monthly active users

  YouTube Statistics

  • 106.7 million unique visitors per month
  • 1:41:27 = time spent per person per month on Facebook
  • There are 4 billion views per day on YouTube

Social TV Statistics

  • 42% of Americans watch TV while they’re on their laptops, smartphones or tablets
  • 45% of men and 55% of women tweet while watching TV
  • 31% of those aged 50+ are talking “TV” on social media, 27% 25-35 and 12% up to 18 years
  • 50% of Twitter users that engage with shows discuss the show they’re watching in real-time
  • 77% of social network users tweet to tell friends what they’re watching
  • 68% tweet to keep shows they like on air

Customer Service in Social Media Statistics

  • Social media users are willing to pay a 21% premium for brands that deliver great service through social media
  • 17% have used social media in past year to obtain a service response
  • Social media users who receive great service tell an average of 42 people (compared to just 9 for social absentees)
  • 83% of social media users have not completed an intended purchase because of poor customer service and will inform 53 people (compared to 49% and 17 people for those not active on social)

General Internet statistics 2012Internet

  • The average US internet users spends 32 hours online every month
  • Every month the online population spends equivalent to 4 million years online
  • On average a global internet user spends 16 hours online (vs 32 hours for USA)
  • The UK has the highest percentage of people online (85% = 53 million), followed by Germany (82% – 67 million), Fance (80% 52 million), Japan (80%, 102 million) and the USA (79% – 244 million)
  • China has the most people online – 456 million (only 34% of population)
  • Chinese users spend more than 5 hours a week shopping online
  • There are more than 1 billion search queries per day on Google
  • The highest growing trends: location-based services (27%), Timeshifted TV (27%), Internet Banking (19%)
  • Least growing trends: Professionally created videos (12%), Live Internet videos (12%), user created videos (12%)


So that’s about it for the latest social media, mobile and Internet statistics as at May 2012 – as per usual I’ll have another statistics update in another month for you. To make sure you don’t miss out on the most up to date statistics be sure to like my Facebook Page, follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube…. I love being stalked. And also, that million dollars (most importantly).

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