100 social media statistics for 2012


100 awesome statistics about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, FlickR, Instagram, Mobile, QR codes and general social media trends that are current as at January 2012. Plus Facebook and Twitter business statistics and Facebook in Australia statistics. What more could you ever, EVER want? I rock.

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Using social media for crisis management: the Qantas #ashcloud case study


Social media is fast being recognised as one of the best methods to share information quickly and effectively during periods of crisis. This certainly proved to be the case for Qantas during the 16-day period where hundreds of flights were disrupted due to a volcanic ash cloud affecting airspace. At a time where traditional customer contact channels were proving inadequate, the use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate and engage with customers proved invaluable. This case study outlines the strategy, statistics and success of Qantas’ social media activity during this time.

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Brands are the new Big Brother – why you need to watch what you say online


Do you whinge about your bank, your phone service, your internet provider, your mobile handset, your computer operating system or anything else that relates to a big brand? Chances are your social media intellectual property has been raped by a bunch of self-important corporate execs wondering why you hate their brand so much. Welcome to Brand Big Brother.

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