So what is happening in Planet Social Media?


What has crazy Zuckers and the facebook team been up to over the last couple of weeks? The skinny on old groups, hiding posts, the send button, more ad formats, twitter insurance and a new facebook online indicator. I’ve never been so excited in my life!!!

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What’s the story with Sponsored Stories?


So what exactly are these new ads? Well first of all it’s important to hear Facebook’s take: ‘Sponsored Stories are different from ads, and including them in your Facebook Premium Ad campaign amplifies the actions your target audience takes with your Premium Ads during a Target Block or Sustained Media.’ A simple translation of this would be “Sponsored stories are different from ads (because we have used the term ‘stories’ – clever aren’t we!) but really just another way you can give us money in return for annoying your target audience. Oh and it would really work best if you used them during another advertising campaign you have given us more money for! Yay!”


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