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Great news! The next list of Social Skinny social media webinars has been released. Spaces are limited to between 10-15 for each, and there’s also a 10% Early Bird offer for each too – so if you’re interested make sure you register ASAP.

The webinars are designed to help you devise and improve the right social strategies for your business –  whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs or other networks. Each one is 1-1.5hrs in length, includes plenty of time for questions and will always leave you with practical action-items to implement straight away.


The next few webinars:


Facebook Timeline for Pages 101 | Webinar | 3 April 2012


Zuckers is switching over your page to the new Timeline format but you haven’t had time to scope it all out yet! What should you put as your cover image? How do the apps now work? Is there any point to a Welcome Page anymore? What does it all mean, and how can you take advantage of the new format to increase engagement and sales? No need to stress, because this handy one hour webinar will take you through the complete how-to in Timeline implementation as well as how to optimise your new Timeline features to make the most out of your Facebook community. Turn an inconvenience into an opportunity and work through your Timeline revamp as you listen/watch. Plus get all your questions answered…

Find out more and register for the Facebook Timeline for Pages 101 Webinar (Early bird rates apply until 30 March 2012)

How to write a comprehensive Social Media Strategy | Webinar | 17 April 2012

social media strategyDevising a social media strategy is a crucial step to successfully using social media in your business. Without one you will inevitably end up with an ad hoc approach, no clear goals and an underperforming Facebook Page, Twitter account etc. You won’t be able to effectively track and optimise to make sure you are making the best use of your precious time. You also probably won’t have a clear idea in your head about each channel (eg. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn…. etc), which are the best for you to be using and where you should be spending most of your time/effort/money.

This 1.5hr webinar will take you through a 12-step process to completing your Social Media Strategy, including a detailed description of each section – from Executive Summary to Budget and KPIs. You will finish with the confidence and knowledge to sit down and write your own strategy immediately.

Find out more and register for the How to write a comprehensive Social Media Strategy webinar (Early bird rates apply until 3 April 2012)


How to use social media in the Financial Services industry | Webinar | 8 May 2012

Social strategy finance industryImplementing interesting campaigns and getting current or potential customers to interact with your business if it’s in the financial services industry can be a little trickier than – say – if it was the travel or retail industry. Financial Services just isn’t that exciting, and most people want to avoid thinking about businesses in this industry as much as possible – let alone speaking to them! Or so most people working in the field tend to think. The reality is that there are huge opportunities to leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to drive interest, interaction, referrals and even sales for businesses in this industry – like credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages and investment funds.

This 1.25hr webinar will help you understand these opportunities, give you some actionable tips to setting up a successful social media strategy for your business as well as provide some examples of successful campaigns and strategies by other businesses in this sector.

Find out more and register for How to use social media in the Financial Services Industry (Early bird rates apply until 17 April 2012)


How to become a social media expert | Webinar | Anytime

social media expertIf you’re looking for a change in career and would like to get involved in the biggest job opportunity out there at the moment – and earn a pretty damn good salary in the process, social media is the right industry for you. Find out if you have what it takes to succeed and how to get your foot in the door – before you know it you’ll be earning the big bucks to play on Facebook! Includes 10 practical and actionable steps to take to not only become a social media expert but get noticed as one by managers, employers and peers.

Purchase How To Become a Social Media Expert Webinar (1.5 hours audio + presentation)


Coming soon…

How to write a Social Media Policy

Social media crisis management: setting up the right strategy & executing properly to minimise impact

How to set up an effective B2B social media strategy

How to turn Facebook likes into sales and revenue

If you’re interested in any of these webinars or just want to keep up to date with the latest social media news, make sure you like The Social Skinny Facebook Page!

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