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70% of marketers are going to increase their social media ad spend this year – globally we will spend $24 billion across social networks! That’s more than the GDP of New Zealand (probably). The key point here is that you obviously have to spend some of your $$ on social media, because that’s what everyone else is doing, and you DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONLY CHUMP DOING SOMETHING ELSE. Print is dead and so is TV (not really). So social media it is. But – you ask – where do you spend your money within social media? THERE ARE SO MANY DAMN NETWORKS THESE DAYS. Honestly, it’s hard to keep track. Should you give your money to Zuckers, or that blue bird on or that new one where it’s all just about pictures (not the one with the pins though)….. well I’m glad you asked. READ ON FOR ALL THE ANSWERS YOU EVER HOPED TO HAVE (kind of).

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YouTube Around The World (Infographic)


Think that most of YouTube’s visitors are coming from the US? Think again. Here’s some pretty interesting stats and a nice pretty infographic about where YouTube traffic is really coming from – and you may be a bit surprised to find out the truth!

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