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twitter tipsIt might be easier to count who is not on Twitter. The short-form social network attracts people from every industry imaginable. So, on such a popular network, how do you stand out?

Here are 4 tips to help you ensure that your Twitter account is headed in the right direction, thanks to Sabreena Thouli (yes, it’s another guest post. Don’t judge me.)


1) Make Sure Your Profile is Eye-Catching and Complete

Most people avoid spammers – that is, accounts that tweet irrelevant information, or even harmful links, all the time. So don’t let your account look like it could be a spammer – you will have followers, but not the right ones.

Start by making sure that your Twitter handle is short(ish), relevant to your brand, and doesn’t have any crazy characters in it. For example, if you are setting up an account for your clothing brand, your Twitter handle might be something like @BrandName – easy! @Brand_&_Name_55 is too long, and too hard to remember.

Next make sure that you fill in the bio section completely, including what your brand is, where you are located, who is tweeting from the account (especially if there are multiple people tweeting), and the URL to your website. Also pick an appropriate picture, such as your company logo, as well as a background and header. Don’t overwhelm people with your background, but make sure that it represents your brand well. Note that any links in the background image are NOT clickable, so make sure you put links in the bio section.


2) Tweet About What You Said You Would Tweet About

There’s nothing more annoying than following someone whose bio says they tweet about social media tips and tricks, but they actually only tweet about what they ate that day and share photos of delectable desserts.

Tweet about what you tell people you tweet about! Every now and then it’s okay to share some other random piece of information, but that shouldn’t be the bulk of your content. Your tweets should be valuable to your followers, and should give them a reason to keep following you.

You should also tweet other peoples’ content – not just your own. If you only share your content, you look selfish, not to mention boring. Share articles that you enjoy, or that you think your followers will enjoy or find useful. Make sure this content is still somewhat in line with what you said you would tweet about. Don’t share 10 recipes for how to make cupcakes if you’re supposed to be tweeting about social media marketing.


3) Engage with Followers in a Timely Fashion

Have you ever sent someone a text message only to have them reply four hours later? Twitter is also instant! Now most people understand that a major brand may not be able to respond to inquiries immediately, but no matter what size your company is, you should respond in a timely manner – I would say that is within a few hours for a small-to-medium sized business, but this will vary.

If you become extremely overloaded with tweets containing questions that you absolutely must answer, then add a line in your bio that says something along the lines of, “We pride ourselves in engaging with our customers personally; however, this means we may take slightly longer to tweet you back! We apologize for the delay.” Make sure you add in another way for them to contact you if they’re question is time sensitive, and consider giving them a time frame, such as, “We will definitely respond to you within the next 24 hours.”

This is not ideal, as some may think you are not able to handle social media, but it does demonstrate your commitment to being personal with customers; people like when they communicate with humans and not robots. By providing them with a time frame, and an alternate way to contact you, you are also showing that you understand that their time is valuable as well – people like that too.

Not every reply needs to be intricate, so don’t become overwhelmed just because lots of people are tweeting you! If they say they like your product/service, a simple “Thank you!” may suffice.

If someone asks a question that you can answer through a tweet then do it; don’t tell them to call or email you unless that is the only way for them to receive all of the information that they need. Customers want quick answers, and they don’t want to do any extra work to get that answer unless it is absolutely necessary.


4) Separate Customer Service from Marketing and Engagement

InstagramWhen your company is first starting out, you may only need one Twitter handle, but as you start to grow, and more people starting interacting with you, you may want to consider separating customer service tweets from everything else.

Separating the two departments online makes it easier for you to respond to questions and concerns that may be more time sensitive than other general tweets. You can also have different people managing the accounts, so someone who has been trained in customer service can handle the online customer service inquiries as well.

Separating the two is not difficult, but you will want to make sure that the customer service account name is similar to the main account name. A good example of this is Instagram – their main handle is @Instagram and their support handle is @InstagramHelp (see image).


All Done?

These are just a handful of the many, many Twitter tips that are out there. If you ever think your Twitter needs a pick-me-up, first take a step back and identify what the issue may be. You might think you’re not tweeting enough for your followers, when in reality you may just be tweeting at the wrong times.

If you integrate these tips, and always look at Twitter with fresh eyes, your followers will be pleased.

This article was written by Sabreena Thouli based on tips gathered from

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